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Bub & Boo was born following the birth of my little Boo - my daughter Maia. My big Bub – my son Oliver – is 2.5 years older. Hence, Bub & Boo.

I have always loved shopping for beautiful things that were different & new for myself and this became even more important when I started shopping for my bubbas. I would spend countless hours searching for those illusive brands and items that I had not seen before. So much so that I sent my parents on a day trip whilst on holidays in Canada to buy some baby bottles that I could not find here in Australia! Thanks Mum and Dad .

My husband and I always wanted to create an online business, but we always struggled to find a concept that hadn’t already been done (we are not overly creative people!). I had toyed with the idea of an online children’s boutique a few times over the years, but finally thought – this is it! This is our idea! Our point of difference is the diversity of brands that we will stock and the experience that we will deliver.

I have enjoyed spending time researching brands and the story behind them to bring a fun and quirky mix to you. I have searched high & low, attended trade fairs and devoured instagram in an effort to find those brands that you generally do not see everyday so your children can stand out from those around them.


Quality is vital to me when you are investing in children’s clothing. The items need to withstand all that our little darlings put them through day in and day out. Plus, you want to be able to pass on items, once outgrown, to a sibling or friend. Rest assured that only items that pass this mum’s stringent testing will be sold!

I hope you enjoy what we are offering here. I have a few more exciting things coming as we continue to grow! Please get in touch if there are any other brands you would like to see. I would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks for dropping by & taking a peak!




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